4 Powerful Brand Secrets I Learned Working With Disney

29, 2021

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My name is Devan Leos. I started working with Disney in 2010 when I was a kid. In 2013, I was hired on a large production that allowed me to work with the marketing, PR, and leadership departments at Disney. In doing so, I learned some valuable lessons that will change my business life forever.

1. Complete brand awareness

While this may seem like a breeze for any company or brand, sometimes it isn't. Disney is extremely aware of their brand. It knows what kind of people they want to target. It knows the exact audience it has, which includes age and gender groups. It knows what type of audience it is being entertained and it knows exactly what type of brand it is.

Sometimes a lot of companies and brands get lost in the marketing element because they don't know who will react to their product or who their audience is. But that leads us to our next point.

2. Professionally branded and designed marketing and PR campaigns

With full brand awareness comes knowing what your customers might expect from you. For example, you will likely never see Disney commercials featuring adult movie stars because the audience is mostly children and teenagers. If we take a closer look, Disney is constantly working with various charities, educational programs, and the like, which is in line with the established family-friendly brand.

When it comes to its movies or shows, Disney finds clever ways to delight family audiences with its content, and has topics that aren't inappropriate, but meant seriously. soul is an excellent example because the film is about life, death and existential issues. However, it is still aimed at a family-friendly audience.

When trying to establish a brand for all ages or audiences, it is important to understand how your customers / audiences relate to the PR or marketing strategies you are using.

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3. Militant reputation management

Your brand's reputation is your life force. If your brand gets a bad rap for whatever reason, it could lead to falling numbers or, worse, your brand's death. For this reason, Disney uses a militant reputation management.

During my time at Disney, I was able to see the ins and outs and the truly impressive level of serious care that has been put into all of Disney's departments. The brand doesn't play games. Disney's team is constantly monitoring the media, social media, online forums, and any source of information regarding their brand (emails, comments, letters). You find out what problems people might have before people even have them. Diney employees (including Talents) are thoroughly screened and monitored. Talents receive strict instructions regarding their online presence and other employees.

As someone trying to have a strong brand, you need to make sure that everything you do and say is professional and consistent with what your brand stands for. When you work with others, you need to be aware that the way you work and what you do affect each other Your Brand. The best way to control fire is to prevent it from ever happening. Therefore, a high level of brand awareness is vital..

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4. Multi-market branding

Disney is the master at having its brand everywhere. Theme parks, movies, TV shows, toys, books, music, the list goes on – you name a market, and Disney is probably in somewhere.

Let's say you run a fitness brand. All major fitness items make sense: bottles, protein blends, fitness items, etc. However, it's important to get creative with products that you can stamp your brand on. Get creative with your brand, use brand awareness and find creative ways to present things in markets that go beyond tradition. But don't just stick a logo on a few random things. Instead, find out things that might be used by your brand's audience that are outside of your brand's traditional cradle.

Disney helped me understand that details are everything. Whether you are creating or supporting a brand, the strength lies in the details. Many companies don't know or care about the most delicate details and information about their brands. If you sit down and think about every facet of your brand, your brand's authority will be vastly improved. Get creative and don't be afraid to innovate. Trial and error will always prove to be one of the most effective methods to succeed, but it will undoubtedly help model your branding principles after a strong brand like Disney.

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