5 Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

2, 2021

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There are many online marketing strategies that can help small businesses stay one step ahead of the competition. One strategy is Pinterest marketing that uses the popular social media platform that has become one of the most effective advertising sites on the internet.

Although Pinterest is considered a social media platform, it works more like a search engine, similar to Google or Yahoo! While users can leave comments and like posts, most people use Pinterest as a bookmarking tool to save content for future reference. Now that you understand how it differs from other social networks like Instagram or Facebook, let's examine how you can actually use it for the benefit of your business.

Why is Pinterest Helpful for Small Businesses?

The answer is simple: Pinterest users often search for products and services that they want to buy. Optimizing your content, researching keywords that people might use to find your product or service, and then pinning it to a bulletin board will make it easier for potential customers to find you.

In addition to providing reliable data about the people who interact with your content (also known as "pins"), Pinterest also helps your business website rank higher in search results. This means that if someone does a Google search for certain keywords, your "pin" could show up on Pinterest in the search results if it has been properly optimized. Why is that important? Well, for one, it allows you to reach a larger audience of targeted users who are actively looking for your type of product or service. Second, because it can drive more website traffic, boost lead generation, and lower bounce rates for your company's website.

If you want to target millennials, this is an especially helpful system as its popularity with the younger generation makes it an increasingly popular platform for marketers who are more likely to make buying decisions based on what they see online.

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How Can Pinterest Boost SEO for Businesses?

As an example, my lifestyle blog for women (Inspirations & celebrations) gets over 70% of its organic website traffic from Pinterest. That means my blog is getting thousands upon thousands of new visitors every month without having to worry about that valuable traffic. Given how much impact this has on the overall reach of my website, this is one of the smartest ways to easily drive traffic, convert leads into subscribers or customers, and build a sustainable online business.

To help your small business stand out from the competition, here are five Pinterest marketing strategies that will help you stand out from the competition.

Set up a business account on Pinterest for your company. This is the first step in any Pinterest marketing strategy as it allows you to enter more information about your business, such as: B. the mission statement or the products offered for sale.

Optimize your account bio and boards with keywords relevant to your product or service. Do some research on the types of keywords or keyword phrases that your audience is searching for frequently.

Include links to your website and blog in the description of the pins. Whether you're promoting blog posts or product web pages, it helps to pin different images that link to your website. The more high-quality Pins you post, the greater the chance of being discovered by potential customers or clients.

When pinning images that link to your website, create eye-catching images or graphics that grab attention. Vertical images often perform better than horizontal ones. It is therefore helpful to keep this in mind when creating content.

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Don't be afraid to promote your work

Last but not least, advertise your Pinterest profile. Be active on the site and follow other people similar to your target audience. Share your Pinterest profile on your other social networks, encourage existing customers to follow your Pinterest account (by adding a link to your email signature).

As you can see, using Pinterest for more than just pinning recipe ideas or home decorating inspiration photos can be a great way to market your business online. In addition to increasing brand awareness with a larger audience, this is one of the best (free) ways to attract your ideal clients or clients.

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