5 reasons you shouldn't be using a drone on a property listing

Drone photos and videos can be a great way to market a property, but it's not always necessary.

5, 2021

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When I started my real estate marketing agency in 2012, the only way to see a property from the air was to hire a pilot with your own plane. It was expensive and few pilots were even willing to take you over a property. That quickly changed when companies like DJI made drones (actually called quadcopters) commercially available. Well, a drone is a necessary part of any real estate marketer's toolbox, but you know the saying: Just because you can doesn't have to.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn't use a drone when marketing a property.

Subdivision living

If the property is on a small property and in close proximity to the neighbors, this is reinforced by a view from above. Soil photos and videos make it easy for you to focus on the house and property. But with drones, it can make a property look even more crowded than it actually is.

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Winter wonderland

If you live in a snowy climate and a new layer of snow has just fallen, everything looks just white from above. Even with the highest quality drone, so many details are lost. If you use drones in the winter, plan your shoot so that the plows are complete. Make sure that all of the walkways to the house and the sidewalks are clear so that people can still see key areas of a property.

Garbage (or recycling) day

If you can, book your photo or video recording day on a different day than Garbage Day (and Recycle Day, Leaf Collection Day, and Compost Collection Day, depending on your neighborhood!). the air!

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Proximity to non-residential spaces

Often a neighborhood is near an industrial area. Light pollution, air pollution and noise pollution can put off potential buyers. While it is actually a really quiet neighborhood, a nearby industrial area can make it seem less attractive than it actually is.

Neighbor's property

The house you are selling can look great. But your neighbor's house may be dilapidated, their yard may be dead, or there may be a mess behind their fence – and that's a big red flag to a potential buyer. So keep that in mind if you want to show a property from above.

Using high quality photos, videos, 360 degree tours, and floor plans is a must to market a property today, but use the drone material with caution. You may be pointing out a bug that you can't see from the ground.

One final note: don't forget to make sure your drone operator is certified or licensed to fly in your area and has the necessary insurance in case something goes wrong. And if you're flying near airports or hospitals, make sure they can submit the correct papers!

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