5 Steps To Make Money From A Small Online Follower

Your business doesn't need millions of followers and weekly viral videos to make money online.

6, 2021

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It's a myth that you need weekly viral videos and millions of followers to make money online or to be successful in business. To be successful in business, you need a community of fans that you can nurture for a sale. You need to get to know, like and trust your future customers.

Of course, it's nice to have millions of followers. Every athlete, TV star and beauty influencer has that on Instagram. But you don't need it. You can be successful without a large fan base.

Over the years I've learned that it doesn't matter how big your email list is or the number of Instagram followers you have. It all comes down to how you are in tune with your customers and how well you meet their needs.

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This is how you can make money even if you don't have a lot of followers.

Focus on your best customer

Instead of focusing on how many followers you have, focus on who your best customer is first.

What does he or she look like? When you write your next email newsletter, blog post, or Instagram video, keep this customer in mind. Every time you create content, think about who your best customer is and serve them.

There is a lot of power in being very focused on your ideal customer. You become very aware of his needs. You will become an expert in how he or she buys, thinks and wants to be served.

Another advantage? Similar types of customers can often be found in similar corporate groups and communities. They are going to start spreading the word about you.

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Educate first

Before you ask people for their money, use your content to educate them. As you train them, you will build trust. When you build trust, you build a relationship.

Your prospective customers see you as a "go-to-source" for information on solving their problems. You have then earned the right to demand the "sale". Asking for a sale first is a knee-jerk reaction. Do not do that. Educate first. Before asking for a sale, ask for a smile.

If you are a leader in training your prospective and current customers, this will be remembered. Having a strong personal brand has power. By keeping track of the customers and prospective customers you need, you are the "celebrity CEO" of your industry. Perhaps you are not as famous as Beyonce or Jeff Bezos, but you are well known to the potential customers who need your products and services.

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Collect contact details

Social media is a great way to get your business noticed. But it is not enough.

Once you've caught someone's attention, you want that person to share their contact information with you so you can follow up on them. This follow-up should include a clear "call to action" to move the future customer further down the sales funnel to finally buy from you.

Marketing automation tools that you can consider include Mailchimp, Keap, Aweber, Active Campaign, Kajabi, and Ontraport.

Wow your customer

After you've made the sale. Don't stop here. Now inform the customer further. Follow the customer and ask how they liked (or didn't like) your product or service. See what you can do to excite the customer and make sure he or she is having a great customer experience.

If you focus on customers as much after the sale as you did before the sale, those customers will stay for a lifetime and it is much cheaper to let an existing customer buy from you than to bring in a new customer.

Be the right kind of celebrity

Most of us will never be a world famous celebrity like Michael Jackson, Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey.

However, to our clients, we can all be celebrities. We can all get better known in the important niche industries and marketplaces. The only stage that matters is the stage or community that your best customers are on.

Make sure you are well known there.

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