5 tips to significantly increase the ROI of your next email campaign

12, 2021

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Email marketing has always been one of the cheapest and most effective online marketing strategies that increases one-click sales and allows you to maintain a strong relationship with your customers and users.

It's also highly measurable, so you can tweak and refine your campaigns to increase ROI that surpasses all other marketing channels. Many companies invest very little in their email marketing, and it shows.

We're constantly bombarded with email marketing, and I'm sure you've hit the delete button before. Maybe you weren't fascinated by the subject line, or the email just screamed "advertisement".

There are some very simple tips you can implement to make your email marketing campaigns more effective and profitable. Let's go over the top five things you can do to increase your ROI the next time you send an email campaign.

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1. Monitor your email deliverability

While open rates, click rates, and revenue generated are important metrics, delivery rate is one of the most overlooked, but more important things to watch out for. If no one gets your email, then everything else is irrelevant.

If you've got a small percentage of your list in your inbox or find your delivery rate dropping, you need to make changes quickly. Some email platforms send IP addresses that are flagged by some users due to spam. Finally, other users are affected because a "bad neighbor" is sending from the same IPs.

Spam filters are also much more advanced now than they were years ago, filtering what they consider "junk" based on spam-triggering words in the subject line and email body.

2. Optimize for mobile devices

As you write and copy email subject lines, assume that everyone will receive, open, and view your message on a mobile device. That means your subject line needs to grab attention immediately, your message needs to be direct and to the point, and your design needs to be eye-catching and flow seamlessly on a small screen.

Mobile email is growing so fast that statistics are ubiquitous. Some resources claim that more than 50% of all email is opened and read on cellphones, while others claim that this figure is over 70%.

The number will only keep increasing. So if you build all of your email campaigns with mobile in mind, you'll be fine. You may also want to create a custom responsive email template. Using a branded template is an inexpensive way to make your email stand out.

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3. Add a single CTA

Have you ever opened an email from a brand and not sure what they're promoting or offering? Some emails are a complete mess and contain links to blog posts and random sales or promotions.

Towards zero. Zero clarity. That approach is terrible. These emails are not converted and result in many consumers clicking the unsubscribe button. If you want your emails to convert at a higher conversion rate, add a single call to action and let your recipient know what that action is and what to do.

For example, if a clothing brand is promoting a new limited edition and the email is used as a pre-sale notification, this needs to be made clear. A small blurb, a picture of the product and then a call-to-action in the form of a large button that says "Pre-order now!" is all you need to get results.

4. Segment your email list

If you send the same message to your entire email list, you are missing out on a huge opportunity and leaving a lot of money on the table every time you post a message. Divide and break your list into as many different segments as possible.

From purchase history to order frequency to any other key data according to your business, you need to segment based on what works for you.

The sooner you realize that not all of your email recipients want the same thing, the sooner you can send them emails that are tailored to their needs. This doesn't happen overnight, but you can segment your list into two categories initially: customers and non-customers, and segment further from there.

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5. Use humor and shock value in your subject lines

Your recipients must first open the email. You may have the most attractive and incredible deal in there, but if the email is skipped or sent straight to the trash, there is no chance of getting any kind of return.

Your subject line needs to grab attention and get the recipient to click on it. Your email needs to stand out from the dozen other emails in your recipients' inboxes. Experiment with humor and shock value.

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