5 ways businesses can get traffic and generate leads

2, 2021

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You can have all of the traffic in the world, but if you can't convert that traffic into leads, you can't build a funnel to help you make sales. You cannot generate income without sales. And without income, you can't invest in traffic and lead generation again.

Before you try to generate leads, you need lead magnets. With something like an e-book or a free course, you have an opportunity to generate leads for your business. Once you have these lead magnets ready, you can use various sources of access to draw attention to your lead magnets.

The following five sources of traffic are places to find people to share with your lead magnets. Some of these sources are free and some of them are paid, but I recommend starting with the free traffic sources and scaling your way to paid traffic sources.

1. Organic search traffic

Organic search traffic is the traffic that comes from search engines. You don't have to pay for this traffic. Every search engine has paid listings in their search and free listings – if you make sure your pages appear in search results for certain keywords, you can tap into lots of traffic and not have to pay for it.

The only problem with organic search traffic is that your landing pages don't rank easily on search engines. Search engines prefer content-rich pages and don't rank landing pages well.

You should drive search traffic to blog pages and then use an online tool to convert visitors into leads. In order to bring good search traffic to your blog pages, you need great content, backlinks, and good on-page SEO.

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2. Paid search traffic

Another way to get traffic to your lead pages is through paid search. Paid search listings may cost money, but knowing how to convert your leads into sales can afford the clicks. You can configure your paid search ads in a tool like Google Ads, where you can set up paid search ads on Google's search engine.

Every search engine has a tool for advertising. Research various search engines that will help you find products in a niche. You can also advertise with these sources. The good thing about paid search traffic is that search engines don't hesitate to drive traffic to your lead pages. While your lead pages are difficult to rank in organic search, paid search is absolutely no problem.

The only downside to a paid access source is that you have to pay for it. However, once you get ROI from the traffic, you can scale it up quickly. It can take several weeks or months to get significant organic traffic to your website, while paid search ads can scale quickly. They can go from 1,000 visitors per day to 10,000 visitors per day overnight. All you need to do is increase your ad budget.

While search traffic is a good, high quality source of traffic, there are two major drawbacks to search. Traffic can be costly when many advertisers are bidding for the same keywords and your traffic is limited due to keyword search volume.

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3. Place advertisements

Display ads are text and banner ads that you see on other websites. Many of the display ads are controlled by the Google network itself, but they are not the only type of display ads.

If you are a publisher and want to serve ads on your website, you can sign up for the Google AdSense program and serve ads on your website. (I don't recommend this method of monetizing your traffic because the revenue per visitor is quite low.) While I don't recommend using display ads to monetize your website traffic, it's a great way to generate traffic as an advertiser .

Advantages of display ads:

  • There is an unlimited source of high traffic for you to take advantage of.
  • Display ads are cheap.
  • You can run text-based display ads or image ads.
  • You can retarget with display ads.

Disadvantages of display ads:

  • The ads are shown to people who have no intention of buying.
  • CTR (click-through ratio) will decrease
  • Conversions are decreasing
  • Sometimes you may get invalid clicks on your ads but you will be billed for them. These are bot clicks, not real human clicks.
  • Display ads are ignored by users and become less effective over time.

Now let's look at the different types of display ads.

Google display ads: Google Display Ads are a great source of traffic because they serve not only image ads but also text ads. When you run search ads on Google, you can activate the display network at the same time. Google places a combination of search ads and display ads (so-called search ads with display selection). Based on the search queries, Google knows who is more likely to click the display ads and only shows the ads to them. Such display ads are targeted and have better CTR than general banner ads.

Facebook advertising: Facebook is one of the largest display advertising networks in the world. They run ads on the Facebook platform, but they also run the ads on Instagram and other websites (so-called audience network).

Native ads: The third type of display ads that I would recommend are native ads. Native ads don't look like ads, they look like content recommendations. One of the drawbacks of native ads is that the ads are generally of very poor quality. People advertise all sorts of things when it comes to native ads. At the same time, however, native ads can generate very inexpensive traffic and are great for branding.

4. Affiliate traffic

You can give your partners and referrals a percentage commission on your sales and promote them for your products. When you sell a digital product, you only give an affiliate commission on the sale. You don't have to pay any commissions for the traffic that is directed to your pages. This is a free way to get traffic.

5. Referral traffic

You can create a referral campaign and get people to refer others to unlock offers. Referral campaigns are similar to affiliate campaigns, but there are no monetary commissions. The idea is that you reward people (mostly digital products) when people point other people out about your brand. You cannot convert these referrals into customers right away. You need to build trust with them by using marketing automation.

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