9 tips to get your first customers

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Get your first client is quite a challenging task (and, to be honest, it can become a real headache). These are some ideas that can help you build a customer portfolio to start your business Companies .


distribute flyers

It may sound archaic, but it's a very effective strategy for new businesses looking to get noticed. Get closer to the locations of your target group and distribute flyers to people who match the profile of your target group. These should be professionally designed and written (attention: check your spelling very carefully!) And contain your contact details: telephone, e-mail, website and social media.

Offer free samples

How can a person know if they like a product or service if they don't try it? Give away free samples or tastings of your product or offer vouchers for a free service. For example, you can offer trial courses. Promote these promotions by opening up through your social networks.

Delivery discounts

Create special promotions for your first customers. One idea is that from the day you open your store, you deliver vouchers that are valid for 30 days. This ensures that your service or product is tested quickly and that your first customer base is generated in less than a month. Record who your first customers were and offer them special long-term treatment.

Attend business meetings

Use trade fairs, exhibitions and events relating to your company to provide participants with information about your company. Networking is one of the most valuable tools to find new customers and even potential partners and investors. Don't underestimate it!

Look for references

Get both your first-time buyers and professionals or experts in your industry to talk good about your brand and make new contacts. If you know an authority in the industry, ask them to recommend you.

Create a 30 second script

Before reaching out to a potential customer, you need to know exactly what you are going to say to them and what you want to get from them. Define three different base scripts: one for buyers, one for public relations or media, and one for potential partners and investors. This will make your first presentations a lot easier.

Be your own publicist

Connect with larger media or companies that are responding to the same audience and geographic area. Tell them about your company and how you can help them. You can also use your personal contacts as business contacts. Call or write to your friends, acquaintances and family on social networks or through a personalized email. Describe what your business is about, invite them to get to know it and share your information.

Use social networks

One thing is certain: if your company doesn't have a social media presence, it doesn't exist. So easy! Create a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you not only share information about your products or services, but also tips, trends, advice, advice, etc. Ask people you know to share your information, retweet, or recommend you on their blogs. These platforms allow you to search for users who match the profile of your target audience.

Exchange business cards

There is nothing less professional than arriving with a prospect and not having a card with your details. And no: "I just finished" is not an excuse. Make sure the handwriting is legible, that the information is complete and correct, and that it is clean but at the same time attractive and difficult to lose. Check out these 9 tips for your business cards.

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