Club de Cuervos could become a real Liga MX football team

3, 2021

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By Brenda Medel

Is the arrival of the brothers Salvador and Isabel Iglesias in the premier league of Mexican football just around the corner? The businessman and publicist Carlos Alazraki announced on his YouTube channel Desayunando con Alazraki , of Atypical Te Ve that he's buying the. has already completed Atlético de San Luis Soccer team. After these statements, it was speculated on social networks whether the team will change its name to Club de Cuervos , yes, like the successful Netflix series with Luis Gerardo Méndez and Mariana Treviño. However, the journalist also wanted to be very careful and while he didn't make it official, his words suggest that we might have a real version of Los Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo in Liga MX.

"Look, I haven't spoken to you, we've already bought Atlético de San Luis along with some gringo investors who like baseball," said the publicist.

information of ESPN points out that Alazraki has worked with former Houston Astros executive Jeff Luhnow to renew the Atlético de San Luis team with new directors and names. When his table colleagues insisted that he reveal the new name of the team, the journalist also replied: “What do they care! I still can't announce it. " I can't tell you, but you can imagine the name, that's why we bought it . "Did someone say Los Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo? The chances of official confirmation soon are good, considering that the businessman holds the rights to the Club de Cuervos Series on Alazraki Networks.

A Twitter user recorded the conversation:

«How magical is the Liga Mx !: Özil and Eva Longoria as Necaxa partners. The San Luis becomes Club de Cuervos from the Alazraki. Cruz Azul Champion after 23 years. You don't need to understand Liga MX, just enjoy it ».

When we review the records of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), the results show that the Club de Cuervos brand has been owned by Carlos Alazraki since 2015. In fact, it should be noted that Club de Cuervos can be used for entertainment products and services. In addition, other registrations are in progress that will identify the brand as «ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES; ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES IN THE NATURE OF A FOOTBALL TEAM AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES » .

The news has gained strength according to the official Club de Cuervos Twitter account reactivated its publications after two years of absence.

ESPN also assures that Atlético de Madrid has accepted Carlos Alazrakis Proposed due to the economic problems that the Spanish team began to suffer due to the pandemic. It should be noted that Atlético de San Luis finished last in the overall table at the 2020-21 opening; in the closing stages of 2020-21 he was second to last above the Necaxa Club. According to data from Marca Claro , the team of Atlético de San Luis was awarded a fine of 120 million pesos just to be the last in the table.

Club de Cuervos premiered in 2015 as Netflix became one of the most successful local series on the platform, earning it four seasons. It also has one ground out with the title Jesús Zavala Club de Cuervos presents: The ballad by Hugo Sánchez .

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