Emirates Airlines lands at the top of the world with commercial: Video

Many internet users wondered if it was real or if it was a montage, that's how the company reacted.

11, 2021

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At the top of the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa , the impressive Emirates Airlines Commercial was shot, which raised doubts as to the accuracy of its content.

At 828 meters , the luxury airline shot a commercial with the help of Prime Productions AMG, based in Dubai, which was designed and staged by the company.

The 30-second video was produced after the United Arab Emirates were removed from the red list and moved to the yellow list in the UK. Daily Pakistan reported while it went viral.

At the beginning of the clip, a woman in the Emirates uniform is seen holding several signs that she gradually walks past to give a message: “The addition of the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom's Amber List made us feel like we were at the top of the world. Fly Emirates. Fly better " . At the end the camera zooms out and takes a picture of the spectacular view of Dubai.

And despite what many might think, this one didn't use greenscreens or special effects, but was the result of rigorous planning, training, testing, and security protocols. As the same company demonstrated with another video about the process to make such a feat.

How was the Emirates Airlines commercial done?

One of the most common doubts is whether the woman was a true member of the Emirates crew in the frame. The company stated that it was hiring the staff and although there were some willing and able candidates, it eventually hired a professional skydiving structure, Nicole Smith-Ludvik, just to ensure safety. Accordingly Sam Chui , the area in which the protagonist stood, was 1.2 meters in circumference.

The same medium explains that filming began at dawn to catch the light of the golden hour. The team, which included the main star, began their ascent before sunrise. It took them an hour and 15 minutes to get off the 160th floor of the Burj Khalifa. to climb . It was easy? In vain the whole team had to climb several levels and climb stairs in a tube to get to the top. Filming took about 5 hours.

Nicole wore a seat belt under her Emirates uniform that was attached to a custom platform and attached right to the top. A single drone was used to film the entire sequence.

“We always strive to defy the norm and push the boundaries at Emirates. We do it every day through our innovative services, our best product and of course our advertising. The calm and confident cabin crew featured in the advertisements are an embodiment of our frontline team serving travelers and ensuring their safety. We are proud to be one of the privileged few who were allowed to film on the Burj Khalifa and even more proud to be able to present our beautiful city of Dubai. "said Sir Tim Clark , President of the Emirates airline.

In truth, there have been few who have come to the top, are on the shortlist Tom Cruise and the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Nicole Smith-Ludvik is an adventurous woman, skydiver, traveler, hiker and yoga instructor. She shared the clip on Instagram and said. “This is without a doubt one of the most amazing and exciting stunts I've ever done. A big thank you to Emirates Airlines for their creative marketing idea! It was a pleasure to be part of the team. "

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