How a full stack marketer can be for businesses

If your budget is small, the right kind of full stack marketer can be your rock star.

4, 2021

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As the pandemic hit multiple industries, the situation has resulted in a reconsideration of performance growth across all areas, including marketing.

Although digital marketing teams have many expert resources, they can sometimes take a long time to display results without undue dedication. These teams will also put pressure on finances when the company can't take advantage of them, either because the company is too small to be able to afford a limited amount of their products, or because the digital marketing team spends more time on build something where the money will burn up before it's done. This is an example of poor planning.

Given the above situation, most small businesses should hire full stack marketers. These marketers are well versed in all marketing functions and should have a smart approach to picking key areas for meaningful growth on a minimal budget. Even if they are not masters in all areas, their work efficiency is useful enough to strengthen businesses. Medium or large companies can hire them to manage their digital accounts to increase performance.

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Take an example of a current fintech company in the United Arab Emirates that replaced a full-stack marketer with three experts in marketing strategy, paid advertising, and visual design. The three experts were unable to give the company the growth it should have seen. While the company had built a nice social media presence, ran a blog with nice articles, and paid search ads with nice pictures, the business was losing faster than it was growing.

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In the example above, I had the opportunity to take the lead and put marketing on the right track. To find your true north, your business needs a complete picture of what needs to be devoted to further growth and a futuristic vision to scale those strategies. Sustainable company growth can only be achieved if it sees its way before it sets off. However, it is certain that a great plan will not be of any use if it has not been tested.

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