How to convert media coverage into leads and sales

There is so much more we can do with media mentions today to maximize market exposure, authority, and profitability.

31, 2021

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Public relations have long been considered an effective way to build a positive, lasting reputation while gaining more visibility and presence with your target customers and audiences. Yes, some people will see your articles and appearances for themselves, but why not take a proactive approach to improving your PR results? It's a relatively simple and effective way to generate interest and new leads, and convert them into customers. The focus is on the three basic principles.

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1. Advertise

Publish PR results – the stories, interviews, and articles that feature you – on your website, on social media, in the company newsletter, and even as a link in your email signature. Everyone loves to see their friends and co-workers on the news, and if they like the post it will often be re-shared on their network. Be sure to mark the relevant parties; it will also show up in their feed. Regular coverage indicates to your network that you are a sought-after expert with extensive knowledge and competence on a particular topic or sector. The greater your online visibility, the more inquiries and leads you will generate.

2. Promote your business development

Are you using your PR results for your business development and marketing? Make sure your website's press page is up to date and incorporate media coverage into your offers and even sales pitches. Articles you have been interviewed for, or even an “As Featured In” summary of the outlets, will instantly build trust and credibility. According to a study by the Institute for PR, consumers found the most credible stories in deserved media when compared to other forms of media such as paid advertising. The study also showed that potential buyers check several online sources before making a decision.

3. Sell with PR

How about going straight to the potential customer? Include a link to your recent media appearances in your pitch letters and email marketing. Companies can gain credibility by simply placing the logos of the publications they have featured on their websites. When targeting prospects, be sure to tailor your communications for each prospect. A positive story about you or your company can be used to get back in touch with old customers and stimulate current sales pitches. Send it to past, current and potential customers – with a personal note, of course. PR is an ideal tool for sales: never intrusive, creates added value and promotes you and your brand as the best team for the job.

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