How to get the full power of audio for TikTok ads

A study found that TikTok is the only social network where ads with sound significantly increase purchase intent and brand preference.

30, 2021

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TikTok is a rapidly growing platform for many reasons, and one of them is how it is redefining the way people use audio on social networks. Creators can choose from a variety of sounds to complement creatives, making it easy to create and share.

This feature was the main strategic growth tool that made TikTok one of the most popular social networks in the world and is available to companies. Virtually any company that takes the time to understand and use TikTok audio effectively will see its growth potential grow.

Understand audio on TikTok

TikTok puts audio in the foreground rather than treating it as an afterthought. Audio is the trigger point Most developers look for sounds on TikTok first and then customize the content. That's because TikTok users can use sound to discover content. This can make the right sound a lot easier to find, but that's not all.

According to a study by TikTok, 73% of users watch ads with audio and 88% say audio is an integral part of the TikTok experience. The study also found that TikTok is the only social network where audio ads significantly increase purchase intent and brand preference.

TikTok sounds are crucial if you want your ads to work. They will undoubtedly help get your brand message across to the target audience.

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Avoiding Copyright Infringement

Copyright laws protect music in general. Therefore, before anyone can use a tone, the author must give permission. Using sounds that your brand doesn't have permission to use can result in costly legal proceedings. TikTok can also close your account if you upload too much protected audio or other material.

To avoid any hassle, you need to stick with TikTok's music library. Everything in the library is license-free and can be used for commercial purposes. However, the foolproof way to avoid potential copyright infringement is to use original sound.

Enter Sonic Branding

Businesses aren't limited to what TikTok has in their music library Brands and creators can create and upload original audio, which is an excellent opportunity to explore Sonic Branding. This refers to the sounds associated with a brand.

Sounds can convey a brand's personality, tone, and identity, much like colors, logos, fonts, etc. Here are a few examples:

  • The default ringtone on iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • The Intel Inside jingle.

  • The system start of Xbox 360 and PlayStation sounds.

  • The McDonald jingle ("Parapapapa, I love it").

  • The default startup music in Windows 10.

Organizations that have established sonic branding will always use similar-sounding tracks in all marketing campaigns. By consistently establishing and using original sounds throughout your TikTok campaigns, consumers can remember your brand.

Tips for creating effective TikTok ads

The things that make TikTok user generated videos great also make TikTok ads effective Your business will benefit from any video that is entertaining, relatable, and has viral potential.

Here are some excellent tips:

  • Choose Trending Audio. If you haven't established Sonic branding, consider using trending music. This should help get your ad discovered. For example, on TikTok, curious users and other creators often tap the music icon to find other videos that use the same sound.

  • Use hashtags. Without hashtags, it will be difficult to get your ad to the right audience. TikTok's algorithm does an excellent job of predicting the type of content users will love and uses hashtags as part of the process.

  • Participate in viral activities. You can participate in viral activities in a tasteful way, such as B. Dance challenges to increase findability. Dr. For example, Phil took part in the #dreamschallenge.

  • Consider doing tutorials. Creating tutorials is a great way to interact with TikTok. For example, a film producer can develop tutorials that teach people how to create certain illusions or effects. Remember that TikTok has a three minute limit on videos. Therefore, your copy should be short and to the point.

  • Cooperations. Consider working with other YouTubers. It's a great way to tap into other TikTokers audiences and get known.

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We've talked a lot about audio, but visual is just as important. So make sure you post high quality videos that will make your brand shine and stand out from the competition. Potential customers should hear and see you in order to get the best results from your TikTok ads. Have fun.

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