How to Successfully Market a New Website in 2021

13, 2021

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With tons of websites competing online across all industries, successfully marketing a new website in 2021 can often be a challenge. When your startup brand is ready to launch its online presence, you have to work hard to generate consistent traffic and gain a foothold in the marketplace.

Unlike in the early days of the internet, when companies were less digitally savvy and fewer websites were online, there is a lot more to consider in 2021. Branding, content and targeted campaigns are critical to your continued business success.

Designing a website and then launching it is only part of the journey. If you want to meet your business goals and attract a steady stream of targeted visitors, it is important to combine traditional marketing concepts with newer digital approaches.

This is especially true if your marketing budget is low or at best modest. Larger companies that have to spend a lot of money will inevitably have success in attracting customers. When your startup company is small, you have to work even harder to compete.

Data from The Telegraph shows that around 60% of new businesses fail in the first three years. Cash flow, poor management and lack of demand are the main reasons. But many undoubtedly fail due to the lack of a credible marketing strategy.

However, there are numerous examples of website startups that have seen positive results. The British fintech company Wise (formerly TransferWise) started with the vision of changing the way people send and receive money.

Your approach? Take on the banks by offering cheaper rates for sending money overseas. Wise knew banks had a bad reputation among the public and used this in their marketing campaigns. By focusing on consumer needs, they grew quickly.

The same applies to the American shaving company Harry’s. By focusing on clever branding and a subscription-based pricing model, the company has cracked the lucrative shaving market, which is largely dominated by mega brands like Gillette.

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Below are some tips on how to give your website startup the best chance for success in 2021.

1. Build a unique and memorable brand image

It's important to create a memorable, unique brand image, especially if websites in your industry share similar characteristics. Standing out from others will often work in your favor, helping you stand out in a crowded market. Communicate your company values ​​clearly and do not be afraid to set your own accents. Use a unique logo, color scheme and design and ensure clear product differentiation.

2. Search is the cornerstone of your online campaign

It's no secret that most of the people use search engines like Google to find websites online. Search is vital if you are serious about driving targeted traffic to your website. You should invest in SEO even if you are on a tight budget. Pay per click advertising is also worth considering for faster results. PPC can help you grow your sales quickly while you work on your organic search campaign.

3. Don't just rely on digital marketing methods

While digital marketing is usually the most accessible approach for startups, you should never neglect the power of traditional marketing methods. Depending on the product or service, consider direct mail, radio, television, billboard advertising, sponsorship, networking, and even PR stunts. Traditional approaches can often work well when you operate in a city or county, or when you have a large advertising budget to spend.

4. Social media are important to most industries

The widespread use of social media brings with it several new channels for marketing your brand. But before you begin, you should plan your social strategy. Think about your product or service. What platforms, if any, are your customers using? Engage prospects and provide useful, compelling content. That way, you can increase your reach, increase website traffic, and ultimately open up new business.

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5. Seek local and national media coverage

Every company should strive to advertise in the media. For your startup company, a media presence can catapult your brand from oblivion into the sky. Mentions in high quality digital publications and newspapers also help boost your SEO campaigns and build your credibility. Consider both local and national media. And make sure you have a newsworthy story.

6. Use content that best represents your brand

They may have a state-of-the-art design, but if your content is missing, your website will never reach its full potential. A content marketing strategy that fits your regular customer base is critical to staying competitive online. Think about what information your prospects want to see. Experiment with different content marketing campaigns using a wide variety of content types including writing, video, and photography.

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7. Analyze your progress and make adjustments

Continuously monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is the key to your long-term success. Use all the data you need to fine-tune and explore new ideas for future marketing campaigns. Making decisions based on real data can help you understand the bigger picture and improve your competitiveness. Don't be afraid to make changes or adjustments as new patterns emerge.

Marketing a new website startup in 2021 can be challenging, especially in a highly competitive market. Careful planning is just as important as creating a memorable and unique brand image that will serve as the foundation for your marketing efforts. Knowing your core customer base is equally important if your campaigns are to generate a positive ROI. Present your USPs and solve customer problems. If you can do this, your targeted campaigns have the best chance of success.

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