Instagram insists on competing with TikTok and will now prioritize videos over photos

"We're not a photo-sharing app anymore," said Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, announcing that the app needs to be changed and will focus more on video to compete with TikTok's popularity.

2, 2021

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Since the boom it will experience the short video app in 2021 Tick ​​tock has become the rival to beat for other platforms. Proof of this is that many social networks use the same format under the names Shorts (YouTube), Fleets (Twitter) or. have integrated roll , In case of Instagram . The latter, said its director, will make new changes to the Prioritize the video over the photos and stay in place.

In a video released on Wednesday Adam Mosseri , Director of Instagram , announced that the platform is gearing up for the panning and turning to short videos, a format that is mainly conquering younger users.

"People go to Instagram to chat, there is fierce competition and there are things to do," said the manager. “We have to accept that, and that means change . "

Mosseri stated that the Facebook own app plans to test new strategies, such as B. Recommend Full screen videos too Users on their feeds, even from accounts they don't follow.

"We'll also experiment to make video more widespread – full-screen video, immersive, entertaining, for mobile devices," he said explained. "You will see us doing a number of things or experimenting with different things in this area over the next few months . "

And to clarify the company's position, Mosseri ended with a sentence that sounds like a sentence: " We are no longer photo sharing Application or an application for sharing square photos . "

The news comes after Instagram staff hinted a few days ago that the platform could add a new form of Monetization by & # 39; Exclusive Stories & # 39; . These would be stories that would only be available to subscribers of one creator, with no ability to take screenshots.

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