Latin American brands lost 17% in value due to the pandemic; Corona devalues ​​28%

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According to the leading independent trademark and intangible valuation consultancy, Brand financing, the 100 most valuable brands in Latin America lost 17% of their value. The report shows that only 21 brands rose year over year and 74 brands fell in rating.

Top 3 from las marcas más valiosas de LatAm, según Brand Finance.

"While Latin America is used to dealing with external economic shocks, like our economies, our brands have not been immune to the effects of COVID-19 and must now develop branding strategies to regain and increase their value."

Laurence Newell, director of Brand Finance Americas, said the statement said.

Industries and countries

According to this advice, the The 100 Most Valuable Latin American Brands lost $ 24.704 million in brand value, 17% less than in 2020 . Only 21 brands have increased their brand value compared to the previous year, 74 of the 100 analyzed have lost it.

Two countries that dominate the list with 40 and 34 brands are Mexico and Brazil . The first also includes three more brands in the 2021 classification and increases their value proposition by 45.3%. On the other hand, it has two fewer brands and its contribution to brand equity has dropped to 36%.

There are six in total Argentine brands in the ranking is the one that has grown the most in value this year, by 24% compared to the sum of the nine Chilean brands who lose the most in value (-34 percent), followed by the 34 Brazilians (-22 percent) and the six Colombians (-19 percent).

According to industry, the brands with the highest brand value in the ranking include banking 25%, beer 18%, retail 13%, oil and gas 12% and telecommunications 10%. The other brands on the list are primarily from the food, mining, engineering and construction, spirits and personal care sectors.

The only sector whose brand value increased was cosmetics and personal care, which was 19%. The rest have suffered more or less from depreciation.

Corona leads the ranking of the most valuable brands

Another year in which the corona brand is positioned as the most valuable brand in Latin America with a value of $ 5.882 million (EUR 4.978 million).

Image: Brand Financing

"Corona has risen like foam in the ranking of the most valuable brands in Latin America by Brand Finance: In 2017 it was in 14th place and in 2021 it was repeated in first place. Despite the complications the brand name's association with COVID. had -19 in some markets, Corona has managed to remain the most valuable brand in Latam.

said Laurence Newell.

He added that beer is also a leader in Mexico Rankings and this year in the beer sector.

In the top 10 are two countries, first Mexico with brands like Corona, Pemex, Claro, Victoria, Modelo and Bodega Aurrerá. Second, Brazil with Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Caixa Económica Federal and Bradesco.

The Brazilian brand Suzano is the one that will increase its brand value in 2021 and position itself at 63rd place and with a plus of 103%. The Bodega Aurrerá, for its part, had the highest rise in the top 10, where it moved from 16th to 10th on the list. Declines include Liverpool and Renner, both from retail where they are down 45% and% respectively, and the Chilean BCI 37.1%.

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