Microsoft is reviving the "beloved" Word helper clip

What needs? Clippy returns as an emoji. Maybe it's not that annoying anymore.

20, 2021

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Do you remember your high school homework and the annoying clip ( Clippy ) appeared in your word document to offer you help and struggled to remove or change it for the pup? Well for some reason Microsoft has decided to revive the wizard.

That's the way it is. According to The edge , the tech company introduced new emojis for its office programs and brought back Clippy.

It has 1,800+ emojis, according to the Microsoft blog, and some of them were added this week, like the Office Family Assistant. In this way, Clippy replaces the original clip emoji in Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 products.

Clippy was released in 1995 but was removed from Microsoft Office in 2001 due to its low popularity.


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