So, writing a book can give your brand that much-needed boost

Writing a book builds your personal brand and brings significant professional benefits – and it doesn't have to be as difficult as you might think.

31, 2021

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We live in the constantly growing digital information world. Billions of consumers log into the internet and social media every day for business, learning and connection opportunities. A whole world of knowledge is in our hands when we own a smartphone; Information is easier to obtain than ever before.

Content keeps consumers in touch, and over the years the way content is distributed has changed steadily: YouTube has become the new television, podcasts have become the new radio, and written content is indexed so that it can be consumed for all generations to come.

A book is an excellent source of content and it is underutilized. A book can educate consumers on one or more topics. In addition, a book is an outdated form of content and offers the opportunity to add value.

When you are thinking about writing a book, it may seem overwhelming. However, I invite you to put that feeling aside for now, because writing and publishing a book is much more manageable in the digital information age.

Today you can hire a ghostwriter to put your thoughts on paper. Or, you can use talk-to-text programs to tell your story aloud – avoiding some of the work required. You can also take existing content and reuse that content in a book. There are many inexpensive and time-saving ways to make a book.

Whether you are a professional or a lifelong entrepreneur, there are tremendous benefits to building a personal brand. The more you intentionally invest energy in your brand, the higher the return you will get in terms of sales and impact growth. Having an audience of interested consumers gives executives leverage that leads to growth.

Here are three basic reasons every leader should consider writing and publishing at least one book.

1. A book helps to demonstrate your knowledge and skills

A blog post can consist of several hundred words. A podcast episode has a certain length. A newsletter post or article has a word restriction that consumers expect you to stick to if they want their attention.

When consumers pick up a book, they expect to invest time and energy in longer content. You are ready to make that investment. Since the consumer is committed to everything you want to talk about in a book, this is a great opportunity to show off your knowledge and experience.

Managers can write a book and demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of what they do. A career ladder can think of it as creating a manual or blueprint of their beliefs and leadership skills. An entrepreneur can present his expertise on topics related to his company.

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2. A book helps build a consumer base and gives you options

Because a book can provide added value to consumers, that value will help attract more consumers to your brand.

Too many executives in marketing try to make a sale without adding any initial value. A book enables you to add value first. This is one approach that will help your brand stand out. It's refreshing to experience the value first. Building an audience of people who follow you and want to know more because of the value you've provided through a book creates options for leaders. With an audience, you can monetize the attention or use that attention for higher profits.

What you know is valuable and consumers, employees, and connections could benefit from your experience. When you bring your wisdom to a book, you can build a loyal group of consumers who want to know more and are willing to invest in belonging to your brand.

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3. A book creates a legacy that creates value forever

Your goal as a high performing leader is to create freedom and build a legacy. Writing and publishing a book creates an asset that will outlast you and your work.

Add value and help others understand the subjects that you are an expert on. Create awareness of a better way and use your book to show the way to success. Your knowledge and expertise can build a legacy that will impact generations to come.

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Use today's tools, software, and access to information to write and publish a book that demonstrates your expertise. Writing and publishing a book is an excellent content marketing strategy and an incredible way to build your brand.

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