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Within the marketing tools that slogan is one of the most powerful as it helps increase consumer recall and stand out from the competition.


Its origin comes from a Scottish Gaelic word that " Battle cry ".

For a tagline to be successful, you must be aware that it is a constant reminder of what you are doing doing the business . The success of a slogan shows when customers or prospects repeat it over and over again.

A good slogan can contain a maximum of eight words, must clearly identify the product or service and highlight the advantages that make it special. It is a sentence that captures, defines and summarizes the conceptual idea of ​​your product or service in just a few words.

Here are some tips when thinking about your new tagline:

Differentiate your properties from the competition

Are you considering what elements the competitor's products or services do not have? and create a phrase that represents it.

Original and concise

Use metaphors, images, rhymes, rhythms, and other elements to create a slogan that's hard to forget.

Word games are a good resource. You can also use popular phrases and give them a twist to suit your product.

Keep in mind that a long slogan does not have the desired effect from a marketing point of view, as it increases its linguistic and syntactic complexity. So if it's not short and memorable, it's not a slogan.

Let the brand rhyme with the tagline

It's a very successful technique called "incorporated brand" rhyme, which consists of the product brand rhyming with the phrase.

The brand as an implicit concept

In this case, the slogan is “no built-in brand” and is implicit in the brand. A good example is: Breakfast of Champions (Kellog's Corn Flakes)

Summarize what the brand is doing

“If it's Bayer, it's good” is a slogan that reflects exactly what the brand does and even describes the promised target benefit.

Don't forget that in order to develop a successful tagline, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the business you are trying to promote, the language of the advertising, and the direction you are headed in.

Check out the competition and other great buzzwords that will better help you create your own.

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