Twitch leak reveals who the most popular streamers are and how much money they make

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Last week, the mess Fall of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp overshadows another major social media event: a massive one Twitch leak . Hackers have managed to extract and uncover private information from the portal who are the most popular streamers on the platform and how much money they make .

AuronPlay via Twitter

Rumors of the break-in began early Wednesday morning, as anonymous hacker posted a 125GB file on the 4chan platform. They claimed it contained "the whole" of Pull out : the source code, passwords, metrics and even the payments that the highest paid "twitcher" received in the past two years.

After hours of uncertainty, the video game broadcasting platform confirmed the hacking and data theft.

“We can confirm that our systems have been accessed. Our teams are working urgently to understand the scope of what happened. " confirmed the portal, which belongs to an Amazon subsidiary, on Twitter. He also recommended that all of his users change passwords.

The hackers said their target was "To encourage disruption and competition in the streaming video space."

How Much Do the Highest Paid Twitch Streamers Make?

After the attack was confirmed, the data drew the most attention Merits of the most popular "twitcher" . You may think that broadcasting your video game games over the internet wouldn't bring as much profit as a Youtuber, Instagrammer or Twitstar, but you will change your mind.

Critical role streamer earned more than $ 9.6 million from 2019 to today. In second place is xQcOW with $ 8.4 million , followed by Summit1g with $ 5.8 million .

Although it is very popular in much of the world, Spanish twitcher are still a long way from these numbers. Of these, the Barcelona is -born AuronPlay is best placed as it $ 3 million Put it at number 9 on the list. Ibai Llanos is in 18th place with $ 2.3 million and ElRubius just became 35th with $ 1.75 million .

One of the & # 39; twitchers & # 39; who spoke on the subject was Ibai Llanos , who said "Don't take Twitch as a job." He recommended that aspiring streamers do so in their spare time "until you are sure that you can make a living from it." He also stressed the importance of finishing school and continuing to work, as the money does not come to everyone immediately or in large quantities.

“Never let the numbers we deserve cloud you. It's not real. AuronPlay there is one and there will never be another (…) I really see a lot of obsession with wanting to be a streamer because of the belief that you stream on Twitch and that you are a millionaire and that is a total lie! " Ibai said in a video shared on Twitter.

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