Would you like to increase your sales? Free on & # 39; WhatsApp Friday & # 39; take part

The ASEM and WhatsApp initiative aims to help micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico and Colombia improve their WhatsApp business skills.

1, 2021

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Entrepreneurship is a task that requires planning, effort and constant training. During the lockdown, several companies had to reinvent and digitally adapt themselves. According to the Radiography of Entrepreneurship in Mexico 2020 , a study published by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM), 85% of businesses have a digital presence; 36% made the transition in 2020.

Entrepreneurs had to emigrate quickly and sometimes in a rush, study and adapt to the possibilities of electronic business. In this context, WhatsApp Fridays was born, an initiative by ASEM and WhatsApp aimed at helping Micro, Small and Medium Business (MIPyMES) owners expand their skills in WhatsApp Business, the version of the popular application designed specifically for small ones Company developed completely free of charge.

“Based on the results of the Entrepreneurship Radiography in Mexico 2020, we know that WhatsApp is the second most important digital sales channel for companies. Likewise, according to official WhatsApp data in Mexico, more than 2 million users see catalogs on WhatsApp Business every month, ”says Jorge Corral, Executive Director of ASEM.

The aim of this project is to train entrepreneurs in WhatsApp business tools to do business online. The workshops take place live and online every Friday from April 30th to June 25th. The free sessions have a maximum duration of 45 minutes plus an additional 15 minutes to answer questions.

“Through this program, entrepreneurs and MSMEs develop skills and learn how to use WhatsApp business tools that will help them increase their sales, position their company, optimize their customer service, streamline communication and develop positioning strategies,” he explains . Jörg Corral.

In the nine workshops, entrepreneurs will learn why WhatsApp Business is an application that can lead them to increase sales and learn how to develop an action plan on the platform, how to create a profile and attractive content that calls customer service like you among other things, you can use WhatsApp groups for your company. Those who complete the full program will have access to a certificate of attendance issued by ASEM.

Interested parties can register on fridaydewhatsapp.com for the live workshops and the repetitions of the first sessions. You can register for one session or for the entire program. The modules are aimed at entrepreneurs, business people, communication teams and freelancers.

"Given a context in which digitization is crucial for economic reactivation, entrepreneurs will find WhatsApp Business to be a valuable tool for maintaining and expanding their operations through WhatsApp's Friday program," says the managing director of ASEM.

WhatsApp Fridays arrive in Colombia

After the good results in Mexico, the program will be replicated from June 4th in Colombia in collaboration with WhatsApp, the Latin American Entrepreneurs Association (ASELA) and the Colombian Entrepreneurs Association (ASEC). This training initiative aims to fuel economic reactivation and sales growth for thousands of Colombian entrepreneurs.

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