Your business won't make it if you don't

It is important that you build your business along with a proactive advertising plan.

11, 2021

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Building a business without a marketing plan is like going to the grocery store without a list. You will end up throwing money away on things that are not good for you and you will forget to buy what you actually need.

So many entrepreneurs come up with an idea for a company that they build, scale, and iterate that idea. usually after their development budget has already been exhausted – Realize that they still have to tell the world about their idea or no one will want to spend money on it.

Strategic marketing drives sales, builds your brand, maintains your presence and informs your customers. It is important to grow your business along with a well-developed marketing plan.

Here are five of the most important elements to consider when creating the right advertising plan:


Perhaps the most common core mistake people make is misunderstanding the audience and speaking to them in a way that doesn't involve or convert them. Brilliant engineers who develop breakthrough products and services tend to speak technically rather than speaking on the same level as the layman. Also, many entrepreneurs are so preoccupied with details that they forget that their customers don't yet know exactly why they need this product in the first place. It's a big part of making your jargon sexy and accessible to your target audience. Everything (from sales decks to advertisements to your website) needs to contain impactful and engaging news at a level that engages end users.
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By caring for the aspects of your product that make it unique, customers will be informed exactly who you are and what you do while building “brand loyalty” as they create a personal bond with your company. When done correctly, they will be loyal enough to review every new service you introduce. Your brand identity, such as the logo and the color palette, also fall under this umbrella. These elements should be deliberate, cohesive, and fully described in your branding guide. Easily identifiable logos and color schemes (like the NBC Peacock or Starbucks' green siren) trigger instant brand awareness that is hard to come by – but priceless.

Digital footprints

The information available on the internet about your executives can have a huge impact on whether someone becomes your customer, in both positive and negative ways. From expert reviews in the New York Times For customer feedback on Yelp or a neighborhood Facebook page, it is important that you manage and maintain your online reputation. This includes taking into account and optimizing where you appear in online searches compared to your competition. Potential customers will absolutely judge your product based on how you get in a Google search and what is said about you. So everyone, from the top of your org chart to the bottom, must always be in their A-Game.
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Fuel sales funnel

Savvy marketers know how and where to spend your budget to get the most impact – and how you can turn the lookie-loos into loyal customers yourself. When you offer something for free to passive browsers, be it a sample product, the ability to sign up for your newsletter, or an exclusive introductory discount, not only do you get started on the radar, but often develop an emotional investment in buying from you. In addition, continuous communication with your existing customers who are interested in new products and developments brings you additional income and brings you lifelong brand champions.

Strategic PR

These will reinforce the previous four key elements in your marketing plan. The importance, influence, or ubiquity of social media is undeniable today – and the opportunities for awareness and conversion are growing exponentially by the minute. Additionally, by working with a strategic PR agency (or a media savvy executive), you can get critical third-party support from print, digital, and online stores to build trust, hype, and community support for your brand to build up. Because it's one thing for you to say how great you are in an advertisement or on your social media feed, but you can expect a whole new hit when the media sing your praises or when the media give you the opportunity to be your executives as Present authority in your industry. These stories are like little trophies. Why not wrap them up and share them on social media for your friends, fans, potential customers, and even competitors to see?
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